UEM In Numbers

A university in the south region of the country that conducts the most significant amount of research in Brazil. (source: Web of Science)


Universidade Estadual de Maringá has an array of undergraduate courses with certifications in the majority of the academic knowledge areas. Courses may have different curricula to meet specific regional requirements.

  • 74.802 Graduate professionals in 50 years of existence of the university's existence;
  • 14.448 Undergraduate students distributed at 7 regional campuses;
  • 3.422 Students enrolled in 52 specialization courses;
  • 2.155 Students enrolled in 52 master's programs;
  • 1.890 Graduate students distributed at 25 ODL centers;
  • 1.523 Students enrolled in 26 doctoral programs;
  • 70 Undergraduate courses distributed in 7 regional centers;


Besides the Regional University Hospital of Maringá (HUM), UEM health complex includes the dentistry clinic, the Applied Psychology Unit (UPA), the Teaching and the Practice Laboratory of Clinical Analyzes (Lepac), and the Pharmacy Teaching unit that offers free service to the population.

  • 60.715 People from Maringa and region are assisted annually in the Regional University Hospital of Maringa, in areas such as pediatrics, surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, obstetrics, etc;
  • 12.281 HUM admissions Health Clinic, Pediatric Clinic, Surgery Clinic, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Neonatal Semi-Intensive unit, Adult ICU, Neonatal ICU, Pediatric ICU, and Emergency Care;
  • 449.381 Laboratory tests The regional University Hospital performed numerous laboratory examinations, as well as radiological exams, electrocardiograms, ultrasounds, tomography among others;
  • 14.922 Blood donors registered at the Blood Bank center;
  • 101.182 People assisted at the Teaching and Clinical Research laboratory|(LEPAC);
  • 1.028 Birth delivers at HUM, 401 normal births and 627 caesarean operations;
  • 115 Paraná Municipalities HUM mostly assists the of the municipalities linked to the 15ª regional health center;
  • 2.857 Bone marrow donors are registered at the blood center;
  • 10.984 People assisted and more than 170 procedures at the Dental Clinic;


The extension activities at Universidade Estadual de Maringá promote integration and development in seven thematic areas: Communication; Culture; Human Rights and Justice; Education; Environment; Technology and Production; Health and work. The artistic and cultural activities comprise performing arts presentations, university theater, dance groups, exhibitions of plastic arts and musicals groups.

  • 663.449 People benefitted utilizing the extension projects;
  • 63.948 People benefitted utilizing 332 extension events;
  • 23.800 People benefitted utilizing 138 cultural projects;
  • 7 Chorals;
  • 3 Museums;
  • 2 Dance groups;
  • 2 Theater groups;
  • 2 Orchestras;
  • 1 Visual arts group;


Universidade Estadual de Maringá is a State university that carries out the most substantial part of research conducted in the South of Brazil, and it is the fifth in the national score.

  • 1.267 Scientific and technological initiation projects in a range of modalities involving 1,173 students;
  • 624 Faculty research projects undergoing;
  • 238 Research Groups
    certified by the National Council for Scientific Development (CNPq);
  • 442 Laboratories provide services in different research areas;
  • 146 Faculty productivity grants grants in different areas of knowledge;
  • 16 Patent Granted In addition to 30 software registrations, 7 brands and 99 patent applications under review by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI);


  • 10.159 International scientific articles indexed in the leading international databases, in the last five years (4,259 in the Web of Science database and 5,900 in the Scopus database);
  • 156 Partner universities in the world (current international agreements or in negotiations);
  • 34 Countries in 5 continents;